A Birthday To Remember

I decided that I was going to have a surprise birthday party for my twin brothers. I sent out about 100 invitations to family, friends and some of their coworkers. I rented a hall a couple months ahead of time and paid for the catering company in full and chose the menu. The only thing left I had to pick up was drinks, party favors, pay for a band and pick up their birthday presents.

I went to the hall early to set up and then picked up my brothers who thought that we were going to someone else’s party. They figured out quickly when we walked in the door that it was for them and they were even more surprised when each of them found out that I invited two Derby escorts to spend the day with them! Needless to say that had a great birthday party!

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July 29th, 2014 by David

A Day At The Beach

This past summer I went to the beach on a hot summer day with a couple of my friends. We were playing volleyball and the ball ending up rolling over to a group of woman bathing in the sun. The ball hit one of the ladies in the foot and she picked it up and started flirting with me immediately, I couldn’t believe it.

We started a conversation and then we went and sat for an afternoon of drinks at the outdoor bar and grill. Later that night she came back to my condo and we had a very intimate night until the sun came up. I knew that night that I had found the fuck buddy that I had been looking for and am experiencing one of the hottest experiences ever!

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July 23rd, 2014 by David

The Night under the stars

After a long and painful day in meetings it is decided that a bunch of guys will gather out for supper and drinks after dark. So returing to the hotel to fresh up and relax for a couple of hours it is time to head out into the lights of the city. While walking from the hotel to the resturant a beautiful gal is sitting near a coffee shop. When walking by her she speaks up and says hey turning around and walking back to her she introduces herself as Brighton escort agency and then it is decided that she will attend the supper. Once at the supper a bunch of friends are already at the table drinking and eating. Then the night goes a stray from there nobody remembers much other than everyone was laying on the hotel floors and the lady was gone by the morning.

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July 19th, 2014 by David

An interesting trip…

My trip to Northern England was preceded by the loss of my job and a divorce from my wife. I was a depressed man, and needed to leave my home for a length of time to clear my head and try to get back on track with my life. I decided that a trip to Newcastle was in order, so I booked a hotel room in the rural area and prepared for a short, relaxing vacation. En route to my destination, I realized how lonely I had become since the split with my wife. Although it may seem desperate, I had heard that escort services provide great company to lonely men such as myself. I hired several Liverpool escorts at the same time, and greatly enjoyed their company. I thought my Liverpool trip would be boring and uneventful, but I was sure wrong. I had a great time in Liverpool!

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June 4th, 2014 by David